American Bar Association Joint Venture Agreement

In increasingly globalized markets, more and more lawyers are facing the challenge of the new era of partnerships in a competitive global business world. Working on joint enterprise structures, implemented in many legal systems, presents an interesting challenge for the legal profession. This publication is therefore intended to serve as a guide for lawyers involved in these transactions who must have an overview of the main legal issues they may find in another jurisdiction. International Joint Ventures is a survey-based publication that aims to help U.S. lawyers advise their clients on international transactions and prepare transactions between U.S. companies and foreign joint ventures. Business experts from around the world have developed a flexible but relatively consistent approach to thinking about issues specific to international joint ventures. The result is a reference book that should serve as a starting point for the reduction of effective agreements. Each of the contributing companies from 40 countries around the world used a questionnaire. For the purposes of the questionnaire, you assume that the joint venture exists between a U.S. company and a company in your territory and that the investment of the U.S. company may lead to a majority or minority stake. The ABA joint venture agreement will be the basis of the joint venture.

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